by Marlie Whittle

Earlier this month, M&M International attended Bob Willard’s Advanced Master Class of the Sustainability ROI Workbook. This event was held at the Centre for Social Innovation in Regent Park by The Roots Collaborative.

After 34 years working for IBM, Bob Willard knows a thing or two about business. He has a PhD in sustainability from the University of Toronto and in 2002 he wrote The Sustainability Advantage, the first of many books aimed at helping empower organizations to set and achieve their environmental goals.

The interactive workshop was mostly made up of professionals from various environmental consulting firms and professionals from health and wellness companies. All the participants in this workshop shared a personal commitment to being part of the solution to our planet’s environmental crisis. Equipped with a passion for ecological justice and Bob Willard’s comprehensive Sustainability ROI Workbook, participants of this workshop left the room with aspirations to lead momentous change through the work that they do and the people they influence.

At M&M International, we are exploring ways to connect our company’s commitment to environmental sustainability with the work that we do with our clients. Churches have the opportunity to live and teach the ecological vision through the spirituality of their clergy and parishioners. We call the connection between our planet Earth and our faith: Eco-spirituality.

To find out more about how you can start your Eco-spiritual journey click here.  If your parish is interested in pursuing a new environmental initiative, get in touch with us! We’ll be happy to help and share our resources.