What is Eco-Spirituality?

It is a belief that we have a spiritual connection to our ecological environment. It is a philosophy of respect for our planet and the millions of species that accompany us on this miraculous Mother Earth. It is recognizing that many of us have questions and concerns about reducing our impact on fragile ecosystems and offering a space for discussion.

How do we help?

Using our own ecology group as a model, we have created a framework for incorporating eco-spirituality into your organization. The pillars of our model are Education, Action and Communication. We provide ideas and resources about climate change and care for the environment to empower you to start your own ecology group.

Getting Started:

1) Initial Spark

2) Create a 12-24 month plan

3) Gather interested groups of people

4) Research

5) Hold regular meetings

A Blessing from Earth Gospel

Within the economy of God’s grace,

nothing is ever wasted

and no one thrown away.

May you entrust yourself

and God’s creation

to the power and peace

of Christ’s recycling love.