You want to bring your mission to life.

Your organization is a unique contributor to the fabric of your community; your members believe that you are important but you’re not growing. You need a plan for how your organization will discover new opportunities and extend your mission to a wider audience.

We can help.

Through Missional Transformation we will help you build a plan based on your organization’s current and future needs.

Bring Your Mission To Life

Are you ready to launch a fundraising campaign?

You have a fundraising goal in mind but you’re not sure how your members will respond. You want to test the readiness of your stakeholders and improve communication to your donors.

Let’s start with a feasibility study.

Feasibility studies will assess your organization’s fundraising potential before launching a campaign.

Raise More Money

You want to explore environmental stewardship.

Apply for your organization’s free consultation or training on incorporating sustainable practices into your ministry and programs.

We share our resources and experiences through eco-spirituality.

Care for Creation