What is Eco-Spirituality?

It is a belief that we have a spiritual connection to our ecological environment. It is a philosophy of respect for our planet and the millions of species that accompany us on this miraculous Mother Earth. It is recognizing that many of us have questions and concerns about reducing our impact on fragile ecosystems and offering a space for discussion.

How do we help?

Using our own ecology group as a model, we have created a framework for incorporating Eco-spirituality into your organization. We call this the PEACE model because we invoke environmental protection and advocacy through Prayer, Education, Action, Communication and Engagement.

How does the PEACE model work?

The PEACE model can be incorporated into your broader strategic plan so that Eco-spirituality permeates through all levels of your organization. M&M International can work with your organization to build a strategic plan which integrates the fundamentals of stewardship for our planet with the unique needs of your community.

As with any initiative, the PEACE model needs a group of dedicated people to propel it forward. Engaging members of your organization that are interested in social justice and/or community outreach is a great place to start.

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Getting Started:

1) Initial Spark – This is an opportunity for leaders to assess interest in environmental initiatives at the parish or organization.

2) Create a 12-24 month plan – Use the PEACE model to sketch a plan for spiritual reflection, educational events and communication strategies.

3) Gather interested groups of people – Invite people to an informative event and prompt them to sign up for a Green Team or an email list about events and information

4) Research – There are many amazing resources available online but M&M can point you in the right direction (for free!) just email us at [email protected]

5) Hold regular meetings – Meetings help keep everyone on the right track and foster the kind of commitment that is necessary to make Eco-spirituality a relevant part of your organization’s mission and vision.

Apply to Get Started on Eco-Spirituality Today

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