April 2020

We Need to Talk about Calling – it’s a Game Changer


Providing a heartfelt message is our work in this world, especially now. Making time to build relationships is an important role, especially right now. It is worth putting a leader and perhaps a team in place to connect with and developing these relationships. A big part of this is communication and following up with people. Think about who in your organization would be best suited to take this on. If you are a small organization,

We Need to Talk about Calling – it’s a Game Changer2020-09-24T14:48:58-04:00

Continue Following Your Mission during COVID-19


Many faith-based organizations are under significant pressure during this time to maintain their community while being unable to gather and potentially serve. There can be a further consideration when the members gather, they usually help support the organization financially. Or people think you are closed or unable to meet the needs of your clients or members. This is the time to re-focus on following our mission– or the Divine’s mission –this is a time to find the

Continue Following Your Mission during COVID-192020-06-04T13:25:19-04:00
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