Rev. Michael Read

“The most exciting development since your work with us is a new curate. And … the areas of ministry we identified in discipleship, hospitality and Mission or as we put it Transforming Souls, Transforming Hearts and Transforming lives….We have set up a vision group who will continue to visit the mission plan and move it forward. And …. developing the spirituality of our small groups …quite effective so far. We have done some creative work with ….In hospitality we are working hard on our welcoming ministry…..a number of newcomers recently who have become quite involved…

In Mission we are working with a new initiative in Brockville called connect youth. It involves many agencies that focus on youth work and support in the community… Some exciting work is happening there. We are also trying to make inroads in the community college and have a presence there.

So my point of telling you all this is to say we would not be here without the work we did with M & M and the process we went through of consultation, reflection and planning. Thank you both for your gifts, encouragement and goodwill.”

Rev. Michael Read, St Lawrence

Paul Nazareth

Vice President Education & Development, Canadian Association of Gift Planners

“I have observed M&M International’s work in the faith-based sector for well over a decade. They are so well respected because they use theology-based structure, faith-informed strategy and biblically grounded language.”

Paul Nazareth, Vice President Education & Development, Canadian Association of Gift Planners

The Ven. Sam Rose – St. Michael and All Angels, St. John’s, NF

“When our Church decided to launch a Capital Campaign for a new building project, we hired M & M International because we valued their expertise and sound advice. Martha Asselin walked with us on every step of the journey and she became more than our consultant, she became a trusted confidante. M & M International turned an intimidating venture, like a Capital Campaign for our Church, into a very pleasant and easy experience. I would highly recommend Martha and M & M International for any Church that wants to raise capital funds. They are a real gift to the Church!”

Sam Rose, St. Michael and All Angels, St. John's, NF

Rev. Greggor Sneddon – St. Luke’s Anglican Church, Ottawa

“M & M International brought us the tools to realize our vision. Through their steadfast support and professional framework, what seemed like a dream was realized. More than we could ask or imagine!”

Rev. Greggor Sneddon, St. Luke's Anglican Church, Ottawa, ON

Lynn Godfrey – L’arche Hamilton

“I think of the amazing kick-start you gave to us last year to our fundraising efforts often and am SO grateful. Whenever I walk over to Holton, I am reminded of the donation you got for the deck. We had another fundraising dinner in April and doubled our dollars raised and made more new friends. It is quite lovely to watch the growth in our fundraising base, and it was your offering that allowed this to begin.”

Lynn Godfrey, L'Arche Hamilton