Crowdfunding offers organizations, individuals, and businesses the chance to raise capital for various projects. Non-profit and faith-based organizations may also use crowdfunding campaigns to raise money for charitable causes, which is why we’ll explore different crowdfunding methods today.

4 Main Types of Crowdfunding

The four methods of crowdfunding you’ll see the most are reward, donation, equity, and debt crowdfunding.

1.Rewards-based crowdfunding

This is the most common type of crowdfunding. It involves a backer (the individual or organization providing the funds) donating to a project in exchange for rewards.

These might be things like:

  • Access to new products
  • Discounts on merchandise
  • Tickets to an event

2. Donation-based crowdfunding

In this case, backers donate money to projects or causes—without any expectation for a return on that donation. Donation-based crowdfunding is often used in faith-based organizations. For example, churches might use donation-based crowdfunding to raise money for mission trips or disaster relief efforts.

3. Equity crowdfunding

In this case, backers invest in a business or startup and, in return, receive equity (a share of the company’s profits). Startups and small businesses often use this method to raise capital for their projects.

4. Debt crowdfunding

Lastly, debt crowdfunding allows individuals and organizations to loan money to a business in return for interest payments. The company then pays back the loan with interest over an agreed period.

What Type of Crowdfunding is Right for Faith-Based Organizations?

Before you land on any one type of crowdfunding (or other fundraising strategy) for faith-based organizations, understanding the different types of crowdfunding is essential.

That said, donation-based crowdfunding often suits faith-based organizations best. Donors can give money to a project or cause without expecting anything in return. This type of donation also helps build relationships with donors and encourages them to continue donating in the future.


Regardless of the type of crowdfunding you choose for faith-based organizations, it’s important to clearly understand the different types and how they work. With this knowledge, you can ensure your crowdfunding campaign is successful and you raise enough money to support your cause. Of course, the team at M&M International is here to help every step of the way. Contact us today to learn more about effective non-profit fundraising for your organization.

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