M & M International has five core values that drive the decisions we make and the work we do:

  1. Client-focused
  2. Adaptable
  3. Faithful
  4. Professionally Supportive
  5. Environmentally Committed

These values distinguish M & M International from other consulting firms working with nonprofit organizations. Over the last few years, we have developed a stronger commitment to conduct our business in an ecologically sustainable way.

What does ‘Environmentally Committed’ mean to us?

For many years our commitment to reducing M & M International’s carbon footprint looked like this:

  1. Our office has been powered with green energy from Bullfrog Power for over ten years
  2. We have been biking, walking, taking public transit and/or car-pooling in hybrid vehicles for over fifteen years
  3. We buy FSC certified paper and print on both sides of the page
  4. We never buy plastic water bottles and only use re-usable containers such as coffee mugs, Tupperware and water bottles

As service providers to faith-based organizations, we have a unique opportunity to help churches and other faith-based organizations adopt environmentally responsible practices. In addition to looking after our company’s carbon footprint, we are exploring ways to help our clients integrate care for creation into their organization through our ‘Eco-Spirituality service.

We have been involved with the Ecology group at St. Anselm’s Church for almost 4 years. In that time, the group has evolved from 2 parishioners to nearly fifteen active members! We have seen the benefit of Eco-spirituality as a parish ministry at St. Anselm’s and we are excited about getting more parish green teams up and running. To do so we have developed an online resource of best practices for educating, communicating, activating and praying about the environment.

Our new commitment to spread awareness and care for creation looks like this:


  1. Volunteering on St. Anselm’s Ecology Group and St. Cuthbert’s Green Team
  2. Providing free training or consultations to churches and faith-based organizations that are interested in starting a green team
  3. Making presentations on Eco-spirituality as a Parish Ministry at zone and diocesan meetings
  4. Advocating for and aligning ourselves with environmental organizations such as Faith and the Common Good, the Global Catholic Climate Movement and The Sustainability Network
  5. Running the carbon footprint calculator booth at St. Cuthbert’s Church’s environmental fair
  6. Attending webinars and events around the city to learn more about environmental opportunities, challenges and solutions

We are always looking for collaborative opportunities with organizations that share our vision for a sustainable and equitable world. Please, contact marlie@mminternational.ca for more information!