An excerpt from Primate: Fundraising and Evangelism Go Together by Andre Forget :

Drawing attention to a study done on growing churches in the United Kingdom, Asselin noted that many of the key elements in building a healthy church—strong leadership, clear sense of purpose, adaptability and willingness to spend time nurturing individuals—are also essential in fundraising.

Indeed, if done properly, fundraising is a form of evangelism, and evangelism contributes to fundraising, she said.

In order for this to work, Asselin said, parishes must have a strong sense of the concrete good they are doing for their members and for their community.

She suggested that crafting a “missional plan” that has broad support in the congregation and offers a clear sense of purpose can give people the sense of working toward tangible goals and being part of something larger than themselves.

“It isn’t about asking [for money]—it is about inviting people to participate in your visions and plans for the future,” said Asselin, adding that people are more likely to give to a cause if they can see concrete benefits coming from their investment.

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