Our Core Values

Our Philosophy

We believe that every community is a unique expression of God’s plan for our world, and that each faith-based organization requires a unique set of services based on their unique community characteristics. Our value added services help the overall mission of your church or organization. Your goals are of paramount importance to us, and we work with you until your campaign is complete. Finally, we are sensitive to clergy and lay leaders’ needs and concerns. Confidentiality is of the highest concern for us at M & M International. You will also find that our core values and cost-effective methods will save you money, while raising more funds than other firms.

Missional transformation and financial stewardship should never be a “response to a crisis” but a response to the need to serve God’s world. As the spiritual needs of your congregation and the broader community evolve, your mission and ministry can be transformed to meet those needs. Fundraising is a form of ministry that announces your vision and invites others to participate with their resources – resources that God has given them.

“Fundraising may be the most resisted of all functions of church leadership and the most dreaded responsibility of church leaders, clergy and laity alike. 

But the girding truth is that the human soul is built to give.  We are fashioned in the image of the Giver of life, and nothing proves this more dramatically and repeatedly than the glow of fulfillment that accompanies every act of generosity. 

To challenge people to give is to do them a favour – the favour of acting out of their highest selves, made in the innermost pattern of the self-giving servant God.”

Bishop Bennett Sims, Bishop Emeritus Diocese of Atlanta